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Alamo Half Course Map

Due to a portion of the H-E-B ​Alamo Half passing through Fort Sam Houston, the MapMyRun view is unavailable.

Download 2017
Alamo 10,000 
Course Map

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Alamo 10,000 Course with MapMyRun

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Alamo 5K Course Map

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Download 2018 Start Line area diagram - coming soon

Download Finish Line area diagram - coming soon

2018 Parking Map - coming soon

*Note - Elevation gain shown at very end is incorrect as MMR is calculating to the 'top' of the Alamodome roof.
No, you don't have to climb 
the roof :-)
2018 Course Maps Individual maps for downloading coming soon

Shown below is the 2018 H-E-B Alamo Run Fest 'Combined' Course Map. All the Individual Event Route downloads (coming soon) can be found in the column to the right of the map below.

A start/finish area map, and H-E-Buddy Ultra Accessible Run, Walk & Roll 1K Run map will be available online closer to race weekend.

*Please note that all course maps may be subject to changes prior to race weekend due to possible construction and other potential issues that may cause the need for course adjustments along the identified course/s. 

We’re extremely excited to announce that the 2018 H-E-B Alamo Half marathon will once again include 6 miles of its course passing through historic Fort Sam Houston!!! This will be the fourth year we’ve been provided the honor of including Fort Sam in the HEB ALAMO HALF route for you to experience and enjoy!  The Starting Line will again be in the North Plaza of the Alamodome for all of Sunday’s Alamo Run Fest events. With all the changes coming with the 'new' Alamo Master Plan, this may be one of your last chances to run past the front of the Alamo!!  We've managed to put together some of THE fastest routes in Downtown SA you'll find.  Lots of long stretches with NO turns and mostly very flat routes makes for a FAST course!  This might just be the one to go for a 'PR' on.  The routes will again all be USATF 'Certified'* so you can be assured if it appears to be a PR... it is a real PR!! 

Move your cursor over the map to see photos of some of the great sites you'll be treated to...

​*As in the past, the Alamo Half, Alamo 10,000 & Alamo 5K routes will be measured to certification standards. Once all  paperwork has been completed and approved by USATF for the 2018 routes, we will post proof of certification and certification maps. 

Final routes subject to change

Route/s are subject to change.
2018 USATF Certification #'s coming soon...

2017 USATF Certifications
H-E-B Alamo Half 
Alamo 10,000
Alamo 5K
TX 17040LAB
NOTE - The numeric distances shown on the MapMyRun routes will appear longer as they don't take into account the corner tangents which the 'certified' maps, once completed, will.
 A Festival of Events!
April 14 & 15, 2018
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All three 2018 race routes will be USATF certified.  See 2017 route certification #'s above, to the right.